Friday, July 24, 2009

thought of the day 07/24/2009

"when the going gets tough"

the tough get going right? at least that's what we'd all like to think, correct? to think that we have the forsight of being able to see the impending trouble and avoid it or instantly know how to handle the situation or to some aspect control the variables, right? we'd like to, no we'd love to have that type of solace in believing that its that easy; but the fact of the matter is, its not that simple not so plain.
i can say from personal experience that 9 times out of 10, the issues that call for the saying "when the going gets tough" very seldom allow for "the tough to get going" because as much as the majority of us would like to believe that we are superman to some degree, life's issues more often than not bring us down to our knees, life crisis = kryptonite so to speak. And for those few there might not be a league of justice in which to count on to come to your aid.
so what do you do? what do you do when nobodies hiring, your funds are decreasing, your family's in a disoray and/or your personal life is spiraling in and out of control? how do you cope, because to simply get going is not enough, there must be a direction and an objective. as i say, you have to "make moves".
so how do we accomplish this? simple, first, out of everything in your life thats not going as expected...figure out which issues can be changed/fixed by you, after you've done that the rest is cheesecake. :) 1st: if youre unlucky in the job search, continue to keep looking and make the extra effort to go and meet managers, also if you have a skill like fixing computers start helping your friends out for cash here and there. 2nd: low on cash, cut your entertainment expenses at least by half...refrain from going out to eat or to the movies or shopping for awhile and only purchase what you need right now. 3rd: your family is more than likely something you will not be able to change, all you can do is offer your input should they ask and hope for the best. 4th: with your personal life...decide what it is you actually want out your realtionships and go for it and if your significant other is not up for the program then politely (or the best way you know how) tell them to exit your life so you can continue on to somebody or something much better.
and there you have it....i firmly believe that if you stick to these four steps in that order, that you will indeed come out on top and better than off than before, giving true testimony to the saying "when the going gets tough, the tough get going"
-b1 (brandon h.)

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