Monday, September 14, 2009

letting off steam

i said....i escape to my dreams because only there am i free from the tyranny of the people who say they ean well for me that care and live and dwell for me the lies they spew to continue to intertwine our lives they only seek my demise and i've just become wise enough to catch their dreams is where the universe agrees with all that is me and we the verse and i create emaculate episodic poetry out of the tears i cry...and its appreciated as long as my eyes lay close and my soul far away from this reality of morals long gone values in disorrays, i say skip all the faking and straight to the astro plane so i escape to, so i can escape to....."where the wild things are" bending time like little white rabbits and coked up englishmen i live within a fairy tale as long as my eyes are closed and in full mode of the r.e.m. node. my humble abode is nothing more than a cage and my job's just the extended schackles in which i've never been able to fully im never late but too early never to harsh never to surley, me, im tailor made for the eye view of all the on lookers..."there he goes" "thats that one guy, does he do poetry? maybe, i thought he stepped? nah nah thats that one clothing designer cat? howd he lose track of that?" im nothing more than memories and topics for people to scrutinize and divide among themselves "who is he with now?" "aint he with that one broad?" "i thought that one chic had his baby?" "he'd be crazy to lay with that lady?" im tired of the constant chatter, banter, and convo's between those who know me the least but feign claim to our meet and greets like they are actually something i would take time to invest in....they ruin my mood in ways unheard of and im sick of out

the fr3$hn3Ss