Saturday, July 18, 2009

dry spell

[Dry spell]

im missing you
not in the way im meant to
controlled by my alternate mental
my sinful spiritual craves for your physical…
I wish to taste your second saliva drippin from the lips of creation and have them give me the correct type of hydration because frankly Sprite hasn’t been able to quench my thirst,
I wish to sit your derriere upon the counter next to my Frigidaire and lick honey off where there use to be hair and grab what you do have till your legs collapse around my face and fall prey to the tricks being flipped from my oral orifice
I want to love you till you feel me in your taste buds, so that every time you swallow
You taste….me
See, the last times you left hickies and scratch marks but after tonight’s march I’ll be laden with battle wounds and your hounds tooth lodged in my neck,
You like that kinky ish
I willing to bet on you receiving 4 tantric orgasms before you can fully articulate “oh…my…God” to me coherently with steady breathing
Before seeing me, you should fancy eating because you’ll be famished afterwards
Standards say that you should have three servings of each major food group to prepare you for what you’ll go through after I’ve weathered a dry spell without you
As an added touch, just to show you how much I pay attention we can do that thing you always wanted to do……
Rose petal bath, slices of strawberries floating about candles lit, flickering in and about and Maxwell’s Greatest Hits softly playing in the back…..
Well maybe I thought of that but you’ll enjoy it nonetheless
Baby I plan on giving you the best sex you wished you dreamt of, see you now fast asleep, clinging on your sheets as your subconscious depicts glistening in the full swing of digging deep Deep DEEP-er in you till your raindrops cause flash floods and drown not just your night garments but your covers in the midst of it
All I’m trying to stress to you sweetheart is that I’m missing you something serious and I’m waiting patiently to vacate with thee in thy bedroom, where I now lay holding this pillow comparing its softness to yours
Baby this king size mattress serves no justice when its springs are not being tested by our simultaneous thrusts of lust
Its like my dressers are mocking me by vividly pitting the imagery of you being lifted by me, taking in the bodily heat emitting every time I breath out one of your exhales, your nails scratching both the mirror and my back
Hmmm, how I miss laying you flat and massaging every little piece of you with my hands and lips and then kiss the tips of ya imagination as I spoke sweet nothings trilingually “Te’ amo sweet Cheri’” and then sleep holding one another like it was our last time together and that was our forever….
So hurry up and come on in and enter this room so we can make a couple more memories to add to our eternities
-b.shatter (aka B1)

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